2016 Bucks

We are pleased to present our 2016 Bucks.

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In 2012 we suffered great losses with the passing of our signature bucks Tonto, Matrix, and MaxboBucky. We are honored to have hosted them and are committed to keeping each of their genetic heritages alive through both the breeding of their live offspring and A.I.

As always, we extend an open invitation to come out this summer and take a tour of our farm as we begin preparations for the fall breeding season.

Warm Regards,

Ron & Mary Pierce
Robert Hansen - Ranch Manager

Fall 2013 | Explore our Breeding Program

Explore our Breeding Program

All of our breeding does were matched up with one of our SIRES and LIVE bred during the Fall 2013 Breeding Season. Explore our program and see what matchups we have made that will produce fawns with the Proven Genetics that are passed down year after year here at the Pierce Whitetail Farms.

Click on any of the does to see their pedigree. Call for availability on any of our girls or boys and their upcoming offspring for the 2014 Spring Fawning Season.

Explore our Program

World Class Genetics - Proven Results

Deer farming is an enjoyable business, but it is a business! And success in business requires a plan and focus on a real end market! Our plan is to maximize early production and sales while reducing mortality.

Selling huge stocker bucks at a younger age means fewer on farm losses and more end market profit. Our genetics can do that for you, too! Our twelve year aggressive breeding program has built a batch of boys that mean real business and real profit in a real end market. Nine years of AI have finally allowed us live breeding with our own sires.

Check out our World Class Sires pedigree and photos and see for yourself.

Proven Genetics that pass down year after year

Trophy Buck Cam

Watch our trophy bucks grow throughout the season by connecting and operating our remote cameras that are mounted in several pens across our farm. It's addicting!

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2013 Fawns for Sale

Fawns from our farm are sure to be future stand out and bring many years of quality production for any breeding program. Our 2013 fawn pedigree's are now available for you to browse online.

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2011 Piebald Doe Fawn

This beautiful piebald doe was born this year on June 04, 2011. She is bottlefed and available for anyone interested. Click below to see her pedigree.

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